Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems | PRIMA 2016 | Turin, Italy


Regular Papers

  • Phan Minh Dung, Tran Cao Son and Phan Minh Thang.
    "Argumentation-Based Semantics for Logic Programs with First-Order Formulae"
  • Michael Maher
    "Resistance to Corruption of General Strategic Argumentation"
  • Ryosuke Shibusawa, Tomoaki Otsuka and Toshiharu Sugawara.
    "Spread of Cooperation in Complex Agent Networks Based on Expectation of Cooperation "
  • Murat Sensoy, Lance Kaplan and Geeth De Mel.
    "Semantic Reasoning with Uncertain information from Unreliable Sources"
  • Patrick Doherty, Jonas Kvarnström, Piotr Rudol, Marius Wzorek, Timo Hinzmann and Thomas Stastny.
    "A Collaborative Framework for 3D Mapping using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles"
  • Zhi Xing and Jae Oh.
    "Heuristics on the Data-collecting Robot Problem with immediate rewards"
  • Agnieszka Zbrzezny and Andrzej Zbrzezny.
    "Verifying Real-Time Properties of Multi-Agent Systems via SMT-based Bounded Model Checking"
  • Ryuta Arisaka and Ken Satoh.
    "Balancing Rationality and Utility in Logic-Based Argumentation with Classical Logic Sentences and Belief Contraction"
  • Mingyu Guo, Yuko Sakurai, Taiki Todo and Makoto Yokoo.
    "Individually rational strategy-proof social choice with exogenous indifference sets"
  • Jieyu Zhan and Xudong Luo.
    "Offer Evaluation and Trade-off Making in Automated Negotiation Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Constraints"
  • Hoa Khanh Dam and Aditya Ghose.
    "Analyzing topics and trends in the PRIMA literature"
  • Guido Governatori, Francesco Olivieri, Erica Calardo, Antonino Rotolo and Matteo Cristani.
    "Sequence Semantics for Normative Agents"
  • Mingyu Guo, Hideaki Hata and Ali Babar.
    "Revenue Maximizing Markets for Zero-Day Exploits"
  • Vahid Yazdanpanah and Mehdi Dastani.
    "Distant Group Responsibility in Multi-Agent Systems"
  • Mingyu Guo.
    "Competitive VCG Redistribution Mechanisms for Public Project Problem"
  • Narayan Changder, Aditya Ghose and Animesh Dutta.
    "Coalition Structure Formation Using Anytime Dynamic Programming"
  • Toshihiro Matsui, Marius Silaghi, Katsutoshi Hirayama, Makoto Yokoo and Hiroshi Matsuo.
    "Asymmetric Distributed Constraint Optimization on Theil Index"

Short Papers

  • Anders Clausen, Aisha Umair, Zheng Ma and Bo Nørregaard Jørgensen.
    "Agent-Based Virtual Power Plant Design for Management of Complex Energy-Intensive Industrial Loads"
  • Christina Herzog, Jean-Marc Pierson and Laurent Lefevre.
    "A Multi Agent System for Understanding the Impact of Technology Transfer Offices in Green IT"
  • Islem Hènane, Hadouaj Sameh, Khaled Ghédira and Ali Ferchichi.
    "A multi-agent Renewable Resources Management System Joining Modeling Simplicity, Results Accuracy and Multi-disciplinary Collaboration"
  • Islem Hènane, Sameh Hadouaj, Khaled Ghédira and Ali Ferchichi.
    "Modeling Organizational and Institutional Aspects in Renewable and Natural Resources Management Context"
  • Christopher Frantz, Bastin Tony Roy Savarimuthu, Martin Purvis and Mariusz Nowostawski.
    "Synthesising Institutions using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets"
  • Hiroyuki Kido.
    "Argumentation Versus Optimization for Supervised Acceptability Learning"
  • Hiroaki Kingetsu and Hiromitsu Hattori.
    "Multi-Agent Traffic Simulations with Taxi Agents based on Probe-Car Data"
  • Vivek Balaraman, Harshal Hayatnagarkar, Meghendra Singh and Mayuri Duggirala.
    "Towards better crisis management in support services organizations using fine grained agent based simulation"
  • Tran Cao Son, Chitta Baral, Michael Gelfond and Arindam Mitra.
    "Plan Failure Analysis: Formalization and Application in Interactive Planning Through Natural Language Communication"
  • Leonel Enrique Aguilar Melgar, Maddegedara Lalith, Tsuyoshi Ichimura and Muneo Hori.
    "Automatic evacuation management using a multi agent system and parallel meta-heuristic search"
  • Phan Minh Thang.
    "Dialectical Proof Procedures for Probabilistic Abstract Argumentation"

Social Science Extended Abstracts

  • Thomas Feliciani, Andreas Flache and Jochem Tolsma.
    "How, When and Where Can Spatial Segregation Induce Opinion Polarization? Two Competing Models"
  • Michael Maes and Dirk Helbing.
    "Can noise in behavioral models improve macro-precisions? An empirical test."
  • Xin Sun.
    "Ali baba and Thief, Norm Emergence in Games"