Registering at Conference

A link to Google maps showing the conference locations can be found here.

All registrations will be held in Level 2 (Atrium) of the Commerce Building in
60 Clyde Street. The Commerce Building is located in the north-east region of the University of Otago’s Dunedin campus, on the corner of Clyde and Union Streets.
The 3rd-floor entrance of the Commerce Building can be seen in this link (
The campus map of University of Otago can be found at
The commerce building is highlighted in the map (reference F6.14).

Registration will be open from the following times for registration and general enquiries:

Sunday 1st December – 8.00am; Monday 2nd December – 9.00am
Tuesday 3rd December – 8.30am; Wednesday 4th December – 7.30am
Thursday 5th December – 8.30am; Friday 6th December – 8.30am