1-6 December 2013, Dunedin, New Zealand

PRIMA is the leading scientific conference for research on intelligent agent systems and multi-agent systems, attracting high quality, state-of-the-art research from all over the world. The conference endeavors to bring together researchers, developers, and academic and industry leaders, active and interested in agents and multi-agent systems, their practices and related areas. The conference is specifically focused on becoming the premier forum for prototype and deployed agent systems. The conference offers an exceptional opportunity for presentation of original work, technological advances, practical problems and concerns of the research community.

PRIMA was a regional workshop on multi-agent systems held in Hanoi, Bangkok, Guilin, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Melbourne, Kyoto, and Singapore, from 1998. In 2009, PRIMA made the step up to international conference and was held in Nagoya, Japan (2009); Kolkata, India (2010); Wollongong, Australia (2011); Kuching, Malaysia (2012); and will be held in Dunedin, New Zealand (December, 2013). PRIMA2013 is a full-fledged conference for international researchers and practitioners to meet and share their work, built on the success of the predecessor workshops and conferences.

Agent computing and technology is an exciting, emerging paradigm expected to play a key role in many society-changing practices from disaster response to manufacturing to agriculture. Agent and multi-agent researchers are focused on building working systems that bring together a broad range of technical areas from market theory to software engineering to user interfaces. Agent systems are expected to operate in real-world environments, with all the challenges complex environments present. PRIMA particularly encourages reports on development of prototype and deployed agent and multi-agent systems and experiments that demonstrate the capability of agents to handle real-world challenges.

Papers addressing methodological or theoretical aspects or particular aspects of agent development are also encouraged. A broad range of topics are of interest but all papers should clearly identify how the contribution brings the promise of practical multi-agent systems closer and identify their scientific and/or technical contributions to the PRIMA community.

PRIMA 2013 will be co-located with the 26th Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

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