Three awards were presented at PRIMA 2013. The awards were for the best paper, best SPC member and the best PC member. The details of the shortlists and the winners (bold and italics) are given below.

Best Paper Award

A Human-Inspired Collision Avoidance Method for Multi-robot and Mobile Autonomous Robots
Fan Liu and Ajit Narayanan

Reaching your goals without spilling the beans: Boolean secrecy games
    Nils Bulling, Sujata Ghosh and Rineke Verbrugge

Defendable Security in Interaction Protocols
Wojtek Jamroga, Matthijs Melissen and Henning Schnoor

Best PC Member Award

Tina Balke

Duy Hoang Pham

Felipe Meneguzzi

Best SPC Member Award

Hoa Khanh Dam

Guido Governatori

Paolo Torroni